Always Growing

My name is Coty Sebastian, I am the owner of Diverse Welding & Fabrication. I have been in the welding Industry for a little over 9 years. I have work for some very great business in the past, I just recently decided to go in to business on my own. I decided that i would take some of the lessons i have learned from them personally an fabricate for say my own company an mind set in this industry. I am always growing an trying to learn more in business an in life in general. It seems to me its very easy to get lost in the business by working in the business an not on the business. I have always had a niche in welding, its something that comes easy to me, no matter what type it is or where it is at. The company as a whole will always strive above what the customer is asking an meet there needs where they stand, Not just looking at the product but the interactions of business to business.
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